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How is Magnolia Floral Artistry different from other local florists?

Not only am I passionate about flowers, I'm also passionate about delivering products that WOW my customers.  I can assist you in creating floral elements that marry your vision for your space or event with your budget for a truly outstanding look. From the elements and principles of design to color theory, trends, and design styles, I've got you covered.

I am also committed to providing longlasting keepsakes for my clients—the joy of florals should last longer than a cut bouquet would! 

Why should I choose faux florals?

When we think of special days in our lives, we often remember the beauty of the flowers that were associated with that day.  And often these flowers are front and centre in the photos we cherish for years to come.  While fresh flowers are certainly beautiful, they are expensive and perishable, often not lasting more than one or two days. With permanent botanicals, your flowers can last indefinitely, just like your memories.

Faux flowers have truly come a long way and often get a bad reputation. By using a selection of real-feel faux flowers as well as real dried and preserved elements, your arrangement will look just as good as a fresh one.

What are the other benefits of using faux florals?

Cost Effective

High quality faux flowers often cost about the same amount as high quality fresh flowers but they last indefinitely.  If you were to purchase fresh flowers weekly, you could replace those flowers with a monthly arrangement of luxurious faux flowers and reduce your costs by 75%!  If you eventually become tired of the flowers they can be repurposed, given away or even recycled.

Always in Season

Would you like peonies or lilacs in the middle of winter?  No problem.  All faux flowers are always in season.


We are becoming more and more concerned with the impact our purchases have on the environment. Fresh floral design results in a tremendous amount of waste product that goes into the landfill.  As a fresh florist, I disposed of several bags of waste each day, not to mention the pesticides that are sprayed on fresh flowers to keep the looking as good as possible (unless they are organically grown, which is rare.) Those pesticides end up in the soil and possibly the water system when they are disposed of.  When working with faux flowers there is very little waste.  All unused stems and leaves are saved for other projects, the arrangements last for months or even years, and some products are even recyclable.

Low Maintenance              

Faux flowers are pretty much maintenance free.  They don't require sunlight, watering, stem trimming, etc. The only thing you may want to to do to maintain their gorgeous look is to dust them once in a while. (Which can be done on low heat/low power with a blow dryer!)

No Allergy Issues              

If you or someone you know has allergies, you know how problematic fresh flowers can be.  With faux flowers you get all the beauty of flowers without the sneezing, itchy eyes, or runny nose.

Heat/Cold Tolerant            

Fresh flowers are very difficult to use for any length of time in extreme heat or cold.  Too hot and they wilt. Too cold and they freeze.  Faux flowers will always look fantastic no matter the weather.

What are some tips & tricks to make my faux florals look their best?

  • Don't mistake them for real flowers & water them!

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight so that they don't fade. A few days is fine but try to avoid months of direct sunlight.

  • Dust them off once in a while.  Try a hair dryer on low to blow the dust away.

  • For more stubborn dust use a q-tip or soft cloth to gently wipe it away

  • If dust persists, the arrangement is too old - ditch it!

  • Don't keep faux arrangements for too long.  If everyone sees it on your coffee table for a year then it's obviously faux. 

  • Move arrangements around to new locations or repurpose the botanicals into something new to extend their life

  • Don't bend the stems to make them fit in a vase.  Instead, cut them to the correct length with wire cutters. Remember, real florals are not all the same length, so cut the stems to various lengths to make them look as realistic as possible.

  • When using a clear vase, add water to make them look more real. When placing stems in water, seal the ends of the stems with clear nail polish or clear spray paint.  This will prevent rust marks forming in the vase from the metal wire in the stem.

  • When placing stems in the vase, curve the stems a little - nothing in the wild grows stick straight.

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